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For a decade VINCHELL WOOD DESIGNS has satisfied custom commissions such as unique jewelry boxes with handcrafted hardware, complete libraries, desks harboring secret compartments, heirloom-worthy cradles, sleek kitchen cabinetry, unique bathroom vanities and delicate boat restorations.

Materializing ideas is what I do best.My love of woodcraft and design came from living with a grandfather who encouraged artistic expression and who housed a metal and wood shop 5 feet from my bedroom door. As my mentor he instilled in me the passion and skill to create quality objects of purpose. For instance, when my little buddy, Mike, busted a bracket on his tricycle I told him, “Don’t worry, we’ll make anudder bwacket on the Bwidgeport Mill!” Now that I’m older I can pronounce “Bridgeport Mill” and proficiently use one by myself!

By seventeen I started an auto-repair business with the hope of opening a woodworking shop in the future. Although fifteen years passed before that dream was realized, I acquired useful skills through employment with Zagata’s Furniture and Refinishing, Duramat Machine Shop, Sam’s Carpentry, McRaven’s Restorations and Albion Cabinets and Stairs. My long-awaited goal was reached in ‘94 when I opened VINCHELLWOOD DESIGNS, which is now nestled in the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

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Kevin Mitchell

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Vinchell Wood Design
1812 Old Orchard Road
Free Union, VA 22940

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